Friday, January 7, 2011

BSF New Year, New Suprise!

Happy fucking New Year, Bitches and Whores!
 I got great fucking news for you today......
and we are co-hosting BSF from now on!!


Just Jen and CB TOGETHER?!?!
[Makes you a little wet thinking about it, huh?]

One Crazy Brunette Chick 

1. Don't Fucking Suck.
2. The BSF Button [above] MUST be in your post.
3. Don't Fucking Suck!!!
4. The SLUTCODE must be in your post somewhere.
5. Don't Fucking Suck!!!!!!!
6. Link up your POST not your main page.
7. DON'T FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
8. If you SUCK, don't LINK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Make sure that you fucking rock!!!
10. If you FUCKING SUCK, and still link up,
We will pick on you and delete your fucking link!!
[SLUTCODE Duck-Billed-Platypus]

The Bitch Of The Week is
Everyone go kiss her ass
since she rocks so hard.

Blog Stalk Friday 


I have just one this week.
BWS tips button

FUCK YOU ~ Poetry Of The Day!!!
I really don't know who the fuck you think you are talking shit about CB AND Mini Badass Wednesday, but I promise you one thing..... You have met your fucking match with The Royals. We will hunt down who you are. We will NEVER forget what you said to our beautiful CB and Mini Badass. One day, you will be walking down the street and you will bump into one of us. I hope it's ME that you bump into, because I plan to rip your Justin Beiber hair, strand by strand, off of your duck billed look alike head and tie each one somewhere around your body. Your toe nails shall be ripped, one by one, out of your toes using a fork. I don't really use the word "hate" much, but for you, Poet, I will. I HATE YOUR STUPID CUNT ASS. YOU DO NOT INSULT A CHILD. EVER! ESPECIALLY NOT MINI BADASS!



Anonymous said...

Great news Jen! CB's back and I'm Bitch of the Week. Best news I've heard all week. Thanks.

CB said...

Damn right it better be making them wet!! It doesn't getter hotter than US!!!

The she-man was a cunt face... Love your hooker ass!!

Heather said...

I read the rules and smiled for the first time this morning. I am following you simply for my own sanitys sake.
I linked up and will understand if I get deleted, I have lost my fuck everyone attitude ever since I stopped working and started staying at home...maybe I can find it again!?
My husband lovingly refers to me as his Uppity Elitest Bitch, and I love that and do my best to live up to it.

Thank you!
Heather from

qandlequeen said...

'Bout damn time (not sure if I'm yelling at you for finally getting the friday follow going or at myself for finally finding it) But here I am, late as usual.

Poetry of the Day said...

thanks for the backlink <3 infamous or famous your still making me famous. so you can have fuck you friday in my honor every friday :) Bitches like yall are too manipulatable.

Anonymous said...

gave you an award hoookerr!

The Queen said...

Oh look the douche guzzler is here.. Well Poet IT.. IF you need us to be famous.. that makes us pretty DAMN AWESOME... WE FUCKING ROCK IT BITCH.. we are glad to help.... you're kinda famous in other places too.. We saw your face in the bottom of the urinal down on the East had the words.. HAVE DOUCHE WILL SWALLOW embossed on it.. I'm so happy you are famous..and we are always happy to help... you fucking cuntnugget..

Jen Sparkles said...

LMAO! She is using her shitty comments to get traffic... that is against user agreement! Everyone Complain! Send in Screen shots of all the shit especially this one! Fuvking ugly ass BITCH!!!!!! lol

CB said...

I cant imagine having nothing better to do than leave nasty comments on other people's blogs...

You linked to the dumb whore?

tlcfree2bme said...

I love your blog and blog button so I added it to your new page "blogs that caught my eye" Please stop by and check it out and let your followers know that you have been featured.

Kristin said...

Love your blog! Stop by mine and say hi if you get a chance!