Wednesday, June 1, 2011

21 Questions With The Sexy Daisy!


1. Sex in a cemetery or a Walmart bathroom? ~ Cemetery. It's cleaner and less creepy.

2. Are you a voyeur or exhibitionist? ~ Exhibitionist. For sure.

3. Do you take dirty/sexy pictures of yourself with your cell? Sometimes. The Man likes getting them.

4. If you were a hooker/pimp what would your name be? ~ When I was a stripper, I went by Jenna.

5. and how much would you charge? A lot. It is expensive to have sex with me.

6. How long should foreplay last? All together? 15 - 20 minutes.

7. do you own any butt plugs? Why, yes I do.

8. Hotel Sex with the curtains open? Ever done it? Yes, I have. I've even had sex in the movies.

9. Sex at the in-laws or parents of who you are dating? When we were living there for a month, yes. Other then that, we did have sex in the shop, once.

10. Feathers or Whips? Whips!

11. Would you let your partner shave you? I have.

12. Where is your favorite place to have sex? Can I say anywhere? What? You know I love the sex!!

13. Do you remember your first time? Yes.

14. Where was your first time and how was the sex? In the drivers seat of a VW Rabbit. It was ok. I wasn't impressed. Thank God it has gotten 100% better!!

15. role play for a minute? who would you be? This!

16. sex in front of a mirror? I have. Quicky sex bent over the bathroom sink.

17. A song that makes you think of sex.

18. Are you horny right now? Not really.

19. What is your favorite body part on yourself and do you show it off? My eyes..... Oh, who am I kidding? My boobs. And, yes, I do!!

20. Edible panties? Tried them? No, I haven't and I don't plan to.


21. I need some questions, what do you want to know? How many sex toys do you own? What is your favorite position? Do you enjoy giving oral? Receiving? What is your 'sex status'? ie: Bi, Gay.....



I'm just the MOM said...

PONY! Oh that song brings back so many memories! I like his So Anxious too.
Visiting from Daisy's :)

Daisygirl said...

Heck ya some hot answers babe! That picture of you is soooooo hot!!! I'm seriously rolling over your first answer, heck ya Walmart is creepy..haha!
Pony is awesome ...horny now ;)

Thanks for linking up and for all the questions!!!

singedwingangel said...

Having worked ina Walmart there is no way in hell I would ever have sex there lol

Anonymous said...

LMAO about the answer to #1