Thursday, August 13, 2009

I never though this would happen!!

My 9 year old son plays travel baseball. He's good, too. [REALLY good!]

Last Spring [2008] he played for a well known team in our area. The team didn't do too well, and all of the pressure was put on our son. He grew tired of it quickly, so after the Fall season, we said our goodbyes and joined a team that was created by a dad of one of the players that left after Spring.

We have done MUCH better in 2009, and are starting our Fall season this weekend!!

In 2008, we paid a total of $800 to play, and were required to work events to raise even more money for the team. 2009 cost us $400, and nothing else. Strange, right?

We found out yesterday that the coach was "relieved from his duties" for stealing money from the team account!


He had been paying for dinners out of the team account, and just pocketing a lot.

I can NOT get over the fact that there are people out there in the world who would steal money from kids.

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Stephanie Faris said...

That's what I was thinking. Kids? What kind of person does that???