Thursday, October 1, 2009

Books I read growing up...

This week, for Group Blogging Thursday, Stephine at Steph in the City has given us the topic of our favorite books growing up. I have always been an avid reader. I keep a book in my purse, a book in the car and a book at home now. When we go to baseball practice, I read. When I take my lunch break at work, I go grab my food, come back to the office, sit at my desk and read while I eat. I'm not too picky about what books I read. I just love to sit down with a good book and get lost in it. The Man isn't sure if he likes it when I read because I shut out the rest of the world. If he asks me something, he knows to get my full attention first. (Now!!)

I'm going to do mine in list form...

1. Sweet Valley Twins

2. Sweet Valley High

3. The Babysitters Club

4. Are you there God, It's me Margerate

5. All of the Fudge books!

6. Ramona books

7. Babysitters little sister

8. All of V.C. Andrews books (I'm actually re-reading Pearl in the Mist now!)

9. The little golden books, when I was real little. (Butterfly Kisses is my favorite!)


AngeliStarr said...

LOL use the link thingy on the edit tab while you're in a draft.

I read all of those except #9. Im not sure if I did. Ive read too much in my life. Its hard to keep up with what I did and didnt read. SMH! I love my Ramona books. Still have them. Babysitters club was cool until I realized there was a TV show. Sweet Valley High was cool too.

Kim said...

I can totally relate to keeping a book with you at all times. I can't stand waiting without anything to do—I, too, always have something to read in my bag.

Just Jen said...

Books are amazing!! They can take you anywhere!

Stephanie Faris said...

So how is Pearl in the Mist? I've been thinking about going back and reading some of those books again, just to see if they're as good as I remember them...but part of me is afraid I'll be disappointed. Maybe I should keep them on that pedestal in my memory!