Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's up with Health Care??

Most of the time you won't hear me complain about stuff like this, but I feel a rant comming on!!

If you follow me on Twitter, (justjen68) then you know I have strep and that The Man thinks I also have the flu. (Suck fest. I know)

Well, last night, he told me to get up early and come to the ER if I wasn't feeling better. I had a really rough night, waking up in a cold sweat every hour, my hips hurting like crazy, so when I woke up again at 6, I got dressed and came into the ER. Where I have been sitting since 7am. It is now 8:50, and I am still sitting in the waiting room!

You would think that they would want to get the girl who quite possibly has the flu out of here quickly so she doesn't get the rest of the people sick.

Yes, I am wearing a mask, but just how much does this thin piece of paper really keep my germs away from everyone? Expessaly when I'm coughing so hard I'm shaking! Plus, how good is it for me to sit here and have the germs pushed right back into me every time I inhale??

Think about how NASTY this mask is now!

Something needs to be done about this. I don't know what, but no one should have to wait over an hour to be seen by a doctor. Not even the chick across the room who is here because her cousin who lives in Atlanta, whom she hasn't seen in a year, has poison ivy and she thinks she caught it from him!

(Personally, I think she is CRAZY!!!)
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LMJ said...

See, that's why people wait that long at the ER, because of people liek that crazy chick you just mentioned. Stupid people like these overcrowd ER's everyday. It sucks for the rest of us who have a real emergency. The sad part is, most of these people overcrowding the ER have no insurance, so they are using our taxes for something stupid.

I hope you get better and hopefully you have been treated by now.

AngeliStarr said...

Aww hon i hope u get better soon! I really dislike the Er and have had quite few experiences with them so that says much.

kys said...

I'm sorry you're sick! The er is a terrible place to be on the weekend. It seems like it's always packed. At our er, a lady came in for a band-aid one time.