Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are YouTube and Blogger Contest Fixed?

I have seen and heard a few different people wondering if the contest on Blogger and YouTube are fixed.

When I say “fixed” I mean that people are saying that contest admins are picking their friend as the winner.


I have entered quite a few contest and giveaways on YouTube and blogger, one of which my Twinnie  was the admin, and I have to admit, the ones that win, on the talent side, are awesome!! On the side, most people show the number that is picked!


Tonight I saw a twitter message [Name not said] that said that the girl that won a contest was not as good as she was.  I looked at the twitter girls post and the winners post, and I have to agree. The Twitter girl didn’t do her own make up, but she admitted that because she did someone else’s. The winner had very basic make up and twitter girl’s person had complex make up on another person.


Those are the ones that confuse me. It is a TALENT contest! NOT a popularity contest! Who cares if so and so has 10,000 followers and is your BFF if Ms. No Name has more talent when it comes to what your contest is about!


If you are only having a contest / giveaway so that you can send your cyber friend a gift then why bother? Just get their address and send them a gift! It’s  easy! I have done it before and plan on doing it again very soon!!


NOTE: Most contest and giveaways on YouTube and blogger are honest!! You just have to beware of the SLIM few that have the same group of winners every time!!!


AngeliStarr said...

hmm thats definitely something to keep in mind. im not one to enter contests, mainly cuz im lazy but i definitely understand why you would feel that way. Its not fair @ all and pointless.

LMJ said...

I didn't even know there were contests on youtube and blogger.

knitwit said...

Good advice. I'm starting to enter a lot of things now, so I should bear this in mind. Thanks for the heads-up!