Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Would You Do?

With Halloween at an end, [and since I didn't really post a Halloween blog] I want everyone's thoughts on something.

I think that children are growing up to fast. Well, trying to grow up too fast, anyway. Do you blame the parents for allowing them to?

My point being, what would you do if your 10 year old daughter wanted to dress as a 'Too Sexy Pirate Girl' for Halloween?

Would you let her?

One of my friends let her little girl dress as one, and I am shocked!

She let her walk around on Halloween night looking like this.

They went Trick or Treating, and then to party.

So, what would YOU have done?


knitwit said...

Right now, I am thanking god I have boys!! No daughter of mine would've gone out dressed up like that. While I was looking for costumes for my kids, I came across a tonne of sexy outfits for little girls. It's frightening...and not in the fun halloween kind of way! Parents have to stand up and say no to this crap!

LMJ said...

No way!! I was raised Christian in a very conservative family. As I got older I became more "laid back" about things, but I would NEVER EVER EVER let my daughter walk around like that. Wow...that's just so sad. People wonder why these girls get pregnant so young.

Just Jen said...

*Knitwit - I don't know what my friend was thinking! I would have never let my kid out of the house like like. I would have never bought that in the first place!! Wonder what her dad thought of this?

*LMJ - I consider myself a very laid back parent. My kids have dyed their hair blue before, and one has a mohawk right now, but I'm not that laid back!! She's 10 now, so I give her until she is 13 to end up pregnant!!

AngeliStarr said...

WHOA JEN she is 10 years old?!?! WTH?

That girl in the photo does not look anything 10. That's how guys end up in jail. Trying to trespass on little girls who are trying to be older than what they are. Wow. Im appalled. My daughter(when I have one) would definitely not be leaving the house like that and let me catch her wearing it, shes going to remember why she should not be showing her goodies EVER.

Time and place for everything. Shes a little too young to be wearing that. No, correction, shes young period. Aint nothing sexy bout a 10 yr old!

kys said...

OMG!!!! NO!!! Thank goodness I have boys.

Rose said...

Oh My!!! Iresponsible parenting... close to child-abuse in my opinion...