Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prayer Request

Meet Eden.
Eden is 3 years old.
Eden lives in Louisiana.
Eden is currently in the hospital.

They have tested her for Lupus, Lyme Disease,
and Cat Scratch Disease.
All of those test have come back negative.

They are currently testing for Tularemia.
They expect those results Thursday.

If those results are negative,
they are going to biopsy the growth in her lymph node.
They don't want to do that now, because if it IS
Tularemia, it could get everyone in the lab sick.

Go back up and look at that picture.
See the red spot on her chest?
That's what started all of this.

That spot grew into an ulcer.
The rash covers her body.
She has had a fever that spikes.
(That is under control now.)

Eden, her mom, Kayla, and their family need your prayers.
Please add Eden's family to your prayer list.

Kayla has asked friends and friends of friends
to make a short video telling Eden hi
and letting her know we are thinking about her.

I would like to start a card program for Eden.
Eden deserves to get Get Well Cards

If you would like to send Eden a card, please let me know.
If not, please just PRAY.



VandyJ said...

I'll be praying for that dear little girl.

Shell said...

Sending prayers!