Friday, September 24, 2010

Fix It Friday #72 [Number 1 for me!]

Today is Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces.
The photo for edit this week is one
of a daughter and her father right before he was
shipped out for deployment.

Here is my edit.

I cropped the shot, adjusted the levels, and sharpened slightly.

Check out I Heart Faces for more great edits of this wonderful shot!



erpeer said...

Love the softness of you image. Very sweet. ♥

Jenny said...

Looks great, the colors are really nice!

Just Jen said...

Thanks y'all! I just wanted to capyure the emotion in her face.

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Thank you for taking time to edit my image! You made them seem almost dreamlike, which highlights the tenderness between them.

Just Jen said...

Thank you, Julie, for allowing me to edit your photo.

Stephanie Faris said...

How beautiful. I know that has to be your favorite photo!

Just Jen said...

Steph, Actually, I didn't take that picture. I just did an edit!