Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Jitters. [NO, I'm not getting married!]

Saturday, I am shooting my first wedding.
Yes, it's for a friend,
and, no, I'm not getting paid,
but still. I'M SHOOTING A WEDDING!!!

And then the jitters kick in.
All the little "What if's" pop into my mind.

What if.... She hates all my shots?
What if..... Everything comes out blury?
What if..... I get sick and can't go??? [I'm the only photographer.]
What if.... She edits and changes my photographs and claims them???

I am working on a contract for her to sign,
naming the types of shots,
a model release,
and a copyright clause.

I need to get to work on a watermark,
but I can't find that 'perfect' font.
I'm too critical of my work, I guess.

Any tips from my photographer followers out there?
Please! Any tips would be awesome!


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