Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Stalk Friday

Hey there, hookers!
I know we have all missed BSF since our
whore of a BFF CB decided to leave us and
actually have a life where she does more then sit at a computer.

But it's back now, and it time to get this show on the road!

You know the rules,
but if this is your first time here, you can read the list
or just follow this simple plan.....


[What? I had to pay respect to the original slut]

I'm not going to be doing a Slut Of The Week,
until I talk to CB about it,
because, well, I'm not CB!

If you fuckers think that I suck at BSF,
man the fuck up and tell me
so I can pass it on!
[Girl doesn't want to live with the gators, you know]

Link the fuck up to show how awesome you are, Bitches!

Blog Stalk Friday

FUCK YOU, Boss Man, for making me think yesterday was Friday.
You made me not want to come to work today.
FUCK YOU, Car, for still acting stupid.
We are fixing the Jimmy to replace your ass!
FUCK YOU, Woman who named your child La-ea.
[Prounced Ladashia]
You deserve to rot in Hell!
FUCK YOU, Ex. I hate you for the things you are doing.
Karma is a BITCH. Remember that.
FUCK YOU, Ex's new MARRIED girlfriend.
If I catch you yelling at MY son again, I'll be in jail.
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EnVii said...

u fucking rock for bringing it back!

Crazy Brunette said...

Shit chick! I completely fucking forgot what you wanted me to stick at the bottom...

Email me hooker!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bring it back!

SB said...

i am sure you will be an awesome host for BSF especially if you are already in good graces with the bitch herself lol

Anonymous said...

How the fawk did I not know you were hosting BSF?? I'm ashamed of myself..I'll def. hook up next week...promise!

Please tell me this beotch who yelled at your son must be out of her mind? HUGE fawk her!

Christy said...

You tell the ex's girlfriend! If you need backup just yell. Thanks for plugging Fawk You Friday!

Kimberly said...

Ah well here's the hop! Thanks for lettin me know... I was like... hmmm... where's the bitch hiding?! Nah... everyone seems so busy lately, or sick.
All the best,