Friday, November 19, 2010

BSF ~and~ Fuck You Friday

What's going down, bitches?

It has been one hella week for me behind the bar.
My puppy princess has been sick.
She has been having seizures and has been on IV fluids.

Thank the good Lord that she has make a turn around!
She has started eating and trying to walk!

OK, on to BSF!

CB warned me about you bitches
that didn't know how to follow directions....
I have let it slide, but from now on,
if you don't follow the rules and include the
[big mouth whore]
your link will be deleted and I will call your ass out!

I'm sure The Royals will be happy to tear you down!

Blog Stalk Friday

On to Fuck You Friday!

BWS tips button

I really only have one Fuck You this week.

FUCK YOU ~ Body. You tear too easy, bruise too easy, and give me hell!
I didn't even know you could tear a muscle running 10 feet,
but you showed me you can.
Now, on top of carrying around puppy princess,
I get to do it with this awesome boot!

I would much rather be wearing these babies!



Anonymous said...

Poor puppy I'm glad she's feeling better.

SB said...

those boots look hideous. i bet they are giving your leg a workout just lugging it around lol maybe as a treat for making it through the hideous boot you can buy yourself the other boot ;)

SB said...

lmao after checking out another BSF blog I did see that I missed the slut code and I fixed it right away. so now you can see my post done correctly. sorry about that ;)

The Queen said...

I love the boot.. not the cripples boot..the hookers boot..