Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tales From The Bar Week 2

The Royal Family is going through troubled times.

The Queen has posted that she is looking
for a new member of The Security Team.

Sassy Pants, Freckled Face
has disappeared!
[And has blocked us all from her blog!]
If anyone sees her, please report it!

are both sick.
[I don't want to be anywhere NEAR them!]

[Thank God! I was starting to worry!]
Her Halloween theme is soon to be replaced
with an awesome Fall one!

has been going through a rough patch,
so go give her love!

Next week, I will be interviewing The Queen!
[I hope!]

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Kimberly said...

I wanted to say thank you for wishing me well, while I was in the hospital and recovering. Thank you for the wonderful comments... meant a lot.
All the best,

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Cute post I love how you put it together. Good Luck on your photo shoot this weekend. I'm so jealous I would LOVE to learn how to use a camera properly!

Anonymous said...

Ok... I had to switch computers. I bring my imac to work with me since work won't let me on facbook. dumbasses.

Anyways - Can you check now and make sure I am a friend over on FB? Geeze - I am really having a hard time friending your over there. And - never fear I am not friending and then unfriending after teh contest. I guess my blond ass just went to your page and didn't friend.

Check for me and make sure I did it this time.. *angelic smile*

Just Jen said...

Kim ~ You are so welcome!!

Colleen ~ Thank you! I have been working on it for years. I'll have more pictures under my Photography tab soon!

Shari ~ You got it!! Do you know how many times I have done the same thing!?!

Dutchess said...

Congrats on getting the BSF pryed out of CB'a hands. I'm sure you will make her, and all of the Royals, proud. (If not, be careful walking near the moat. it gets really slippery)

Good luck on your interview with the Queen. If you bring lots of gin, and tell her she is pretty, she will tell you anything.

If you want to get her to spill family secrets or tell you where she stashes the crown and good stuff, bring lots of gin, tell her she is pretty and wear somthing bedazzled and sparkly.

Just Jen said...

Thanks, Dutchess! I really hope I can do BSF as well as CB. If I can't then I will gladly pass it over to someone who can! The Vet won't let the gators get me!

I have a case of 1/2 gallons and a bottle full of Xanax ready, IF she will let me interview her!

And my bedazzled outfit is ready to slip on!