Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bad Girl Bloggers ~ Christmas Top 10 [err 12]

12. Fires ~ Nothing like them!
11. Wrapping presents ~ I'm allergic to tape, so it kinda sucks.

10. Shopping ~ I like to shop, but I hate to shop.
9. The food ~ I love love love the food!
8. Setting up 'Santa' ~ I hope they never stop believing.
7. The days off work ~ I love getting to spend extra time with my family!
6. The snow ~ We always get a little snow before Christmas.
5. Putting up the tree ~ and getting new ornaments!
4. Did I mention the food? ~ Christmas eggs in the morning.
3. Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving ~ It makes me smile.
2. Making s'mores Christmas Eve ~ New tradition, but I love it!
1. Seeing the kids faces when they open ~ They always get just what they want!



Anonymous said...

Fun List, I like the S'mores on Christmas Eve idea!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm With You, I Hope My Boys Never Stop Believing.

Shopping...Fuckin' A, This Year I Did My First Black Friday! My Fist Almost Met With Some Bitches Face! I Knew It Was Going To Be Crazy, But Not THAT Crazy. Don't Think We Will Be Doing Black Friday Again. lol