Friday, December 17, 2010

BSF ~ Link Up

Friday, Fucking Friday!!
[Why do I love you so fucking much?]
Friday means one thing!

Blog Stalk Friday

[via The Man!]
A few people haven't been following the rules,
so I'm gonna have to start posting them.
1. Don't Fucking Suck.
2. The BSF Button [above] MUST be in your post.
3. Don't Fucking Suck!!!
4. The SLUTCODE must be in your post somewhere.
5. Don't Fucking Suck!!!!!!!
6. Link up your POST not your main page.
7. DON'T FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
8. If you SUCK, don't LINK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Make sure that you fucking rock!!!
10. If you FUCKING SUCK, and still link up,
I will pick on you and delete your fucking link!!
Got it? Good!
My bitch of the week is D Scandal.
She sent a fellow reader to BSF last week.
Grab your badge, D, and post it with pride!!
Blog Stalk Friday

It has been one hella week,
so on to FUCK YOU Friday!
BWS tips button
FUCK YOU ~ People who hide behind their computer to talk shit.
Aww... are you not big enough to say what you think to someones face?
FUCK YOU ~ Blog Stalkers.
With as many page views I get, I should have more comments!
FUCK YOU ~ Assholes who turn their brights on in my eyes.
When I get my new car, I'm going to block you a lot.
Fucking timing chain.
Come back tomorrow for an awesome giveaway!!



Ladii said...

UGH Fuck the cars man, both of mine decide to be assholes at the same time now they are both up and running but im terrified of driving wither one! I get so many page views no Comments Lol Creepers!

Anonymous said...

lol, i'm stalking both you hookerrs! since I was a blogger virgin...have to learn the in and outs of blogging! ;)

EnVii said...

Forgot to tell ya.. you are my blogger of the month =)

Anonymous said...

Car Suck! I don't even know half the things wrong with ours. Oh and yeah what's up with stalking but not commenting talk to me damn it!

Kimberly said...

I feel stupid asking this... but what's the slutcode?! I never understood it when CB introduced it.

Jen Sparkles said...

I am stalking you. I have to learn from I am also waiting for the deletion and the harrassment for sucking :)