Friday, December 3, 2010

BSF [With A Suprise!] and Fuck You Friday

Welcome to Friday, Bitches and Whores!!
I promised you a suprise last week,
even though only TWO linked up,
I'll give it to ya.
[Since it was Thanksgiving and all.]

Blog Stalk Friday

FUCK YEAH Ho, Ho, Ho's!!
The Awesome, Incredable Dame Of The Penis Platter 
was drunk nice enough to make me this fucktastic new button!!
[Notice the letters are penises!]
Now go add it to your fucking blogs!!
[SlutCode Penis Platter]

Bring your friends this week, because one of you
will get THIS next week!!

Blog Stalk Friday

So, make sure you don't suck, and link the fuck up!!

On to FUCK YOU Friday!!

BWS tips button

FUCK YOU ~ Boss Man for coming to work sick and giving me your gross germs.

FUCK YOU ~ UPS Guy for not scanning Little Mans Christmas present.
What if I would have decided not to go to work Wednesday?
Then I would STILL be waiting!

FUCK YOU ~ Asshole who rode my ass yesterday with your brights on.
If I could go over 30 MPH, trust me, I FUCKING WOULD!
Next time, you get break checked, Bitch!

I hate to say it, but FUCK YOU ~ Queen!
I'm really hurt that you STILL haven't let me in on the little FB secret.
I make sure you alway have a drink in hand, and a Xanax in tummy.
The least you could do is tell me!! [POUTS]



Amy J - Book Addict said...

Allright, what FB secret? I don't have FB so I am lost!
See what a bottle of Southern Comfort will do? That's right, bribery works wonders for Royalty when we need something!
I love those buttons!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new buttons! Is everybody sick, please keep it I don't want it. I agree FU UPS you suck, I had to chase down out UPS man Monday to get the Hubs x-mas gift. It was snowing!

Ladii Aponte said...

thanks for hosting yuck I hope I cant catch anything through this laptop Luckily Im not sick! Love the newButtons

The Queen said...

um Jen, I'm sober for the next 20 minutes so quickly tell me what FB secret you are talking about,,, and I'll let you in on it... cause I'm lost. Dutchess totally went off on me for abusing her favorite bartender by not letting her in on the secret. I'm lost. Not my fault you are that good of a bartender that I can't remember what is going on... email me,, I'll tell you the secret.. ha ha...

love you long time bitch....