Sunday, February 20, 2011


"Mom! Am I done yet?" out of my life,
and I am loving it!

Pretty much, every child in school is required to read for 10 - 20 minutes a day,
and us, as parents,
get to hear that question at least 5 times during that 20 minutes.

When I presented Little Man with his new bookmark,
he exclaimed, "Cool! Now you can't add time to my reading!"
 and went off to read for his set 20 minutes.
[Yes, I admit, everytime he asked, 5 minutes was added onto his time.

Little Man uses his Mark My Time bookmark everytime he reads now,
and I don't get the pleasure of adding time getting asked if he is done!

Mark My Time has sent an extra
Neon Green bookmark
for one of my awesome readers!!



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~Shari said...

Oh man! I like the pink and the purple. I am torn between colors!

~Shari said...

I follow your blog!

~Shari said...

I have your birthday button on my blog!

~Shari said...

I have your birthday button on my blog!

~Shari said...

I follow you on facebook!