Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Drink and Dye!

Saturday night I was drunk.
Quit the knowing nods. I know it's no surprise!

After about 6 shots, I decided that my roots needed to be touched up.

I remember putting the dye on,
setting the timer,
calling a friend,
and starting the shower to rinse.

That is the last thing I remember before
waking up Sunday with knotted up hair
and a headache from hell.

The Man says I fell in the shower.


[The hair tuned out perfect, though!]



Tricia said...

Ha!! Glad you're OK and the hair didn't turn green or fall out from overprocessing. :)

~Shari said...

OH GEEZE.. I am glad to hear you are ok. Yeah. words to the wise do not drink and dye fo'sho'

Shell said...

At least it still turned out good- I was worried there for a minute!

LC said...

Haha... you're lucky it turned out!! I decided to color my hair, while drunk, and ended up giving my (at the time) baby blonde hair a pink-ish hue! My colorist was not pleased....

Glad you didn't hurt yourself!

Anonymous said...

I can't even get my hair color to turn out decent when sober. Maybe I should try it drunk.

Michelle said...

Hysterical! You're so lucky that all your hair didn't fall out.

Stephanie Faris said...

Eeeek. At least you remembered to rinse, I assume? Otherwise your hair could have been fried!