Monday, April 25, 2011

My Notebook.

Here is my notebook.
It is not a diary.
It is not a journal.

It is just my notebook.

I have carried a notebook around for many years.
I tried to stop once I got my smart phone,
but typing things in just isn't the same.

When I make a list,
I want to cross it out whenI'm finished.
When I have an idea,
I want to get it down fast.
When I have no memory,
I want to look back and see what was happening.

Right now, my notebook includes:
1. Photography location ideas
2. Themes for shoots
3. My new cleaning outline
4. Plan for the dogs over summer break
5. Bible verses that catch my attention
6. New budget

and my ongoing question.
"If you stood before God and he asked you
 "Why should I let you into Heaven?"
what would you say?

Don't forget about the Book Swap! Sign ups are going through the 27th!



Anonymous said...

I don't own a phone all fancy like the smart or iphones. And I too love making lists. I think notebooks rocks. I'd forget if it was on my phone.

Lady Estrogen said...

OMG - I have the EXACT same wallet size!!! I'll tweet ya. hahaha

Karli said...

Looks waaaay better than my notebook - LOL! How sweet that you like my 10 on Tuesdays - thanks! I usually have 9 million things that happened that week; it's just finding time to take the pictures that go with my ramblings.
:-) Have a great one!