Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Shoot ~ Victoria and Alex

I have been going through withdrawals.
[No, I'm not off my meds again.]

I have been going through camera withdrawals.
Sure, I have taken Fred in the yard and shooting,
but I needed a model.

[Fred, by the way, is my camera.]
{Yes, I name everything. That's another post.}

I called my best friend and demanded asked
her if she would pose for me.
I struck gold and her sister wanted to shoot, too.

We scheduled to meet and shoot on the railroad tracks.
We parked and walked on to the tracks.

2 shots later, the police pulled up.
He said he couldn't leave us on the tracks,
and that we had to leave.

[Photographer friends, can he do that?
Is that breaking any laws?]

Here is the shot on the tracks.


We didn't really put up a fight to stay,
because I had another place in mind.

Last Winter, when the trees were all bare,
I saw this house.
Well, what was left on this house.
I fell in love with it.



I have so many more shots to go through!
We shot until dark, and I had a balst!!



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Lady Estrogen said...

My fave is 3rd from the bottom - love those legs! Whoa!