Thursday, August 4, 2011

Edit Me!

Edit Me is hosted by Branson.
[I am really liking her blog, guys!]
To edit this picture, first I ran a straighten and cropped.

Next, I brought up the levels and added a blue boost.

After slightly over exposing, I smoothed everything out.

I really like it!

Make sure to go check out other edits!!

 My Reflection of Something 



Lady Estrogen said...

It just wouldn't be the same without some edits ;) I'm a big fan of the contrasts.

em said...

Love the blue contrast you added, gives it much more color and brightness to it!

Branson said...

I love how bright and colorful you made this! It is kind of vintage to me... very cool!

Carrie said...

Almost looks like a watercolor effect... very creative