Friday, August 28, 2009

I have a confession to make.....

You might not believe this, but I don't have text. *SHOCK*

I have a Blackberry.

I get my e-mail, YIM, Myspace and FaceBook on my phone.

I Twitter and send post to Blogger from my phone.

I don't really see a need to pay an extra $25 per phone to have texting also.

When I tell someone that I don't have text, they get the most shocked look on their face and ask what century we are living in.

I tell them they can e-mail me, or send me an IM, but they say it's not the same. How is it not the same?

You can still send me a message at any point, and I'll get it!

People continued to send me text messages so much, that I called Alltel and had them block all test messages.

Isn't that a shame? That I had to go out of my way to block text messages because people weren't smart enough to NOT send me one!!

So what do you think? Are we strange because we don't have text?


AngeliStarr said...

u know this is actually something I had been considering. I kind of want to get an iphone and id love to have text because its what im used to but its a pain in the butt to pay 20/30 bucks more for unlimited sms/mms. its ridiculous. i remember the days it was 5 bucks extra for unlimited texting. now its 30 for some carriers.

i might end up just getting an iphone, using data and telling anyone who wants to message me to use IM or email. Ill get it right? AND i could do the same with a BB if I decide to get that again. ^_^

Stephanie Faris said...

I hate texting. I have a neighbor that won't communicate with us any other way, though. I just have found that most issues can be resolved in about a minute via phone but texting makes that same issue stretch out over 5 or ten minutes. Do you block texts from coming through at all?