Monday, September 21, 2009

Mondays. Dreaded Mondays....

I hate Mondays. Always have, bet I always will. BUT...

This Monday is going to ROCK! I am sending out my Secret Summer Swap packages!!! I can not WAIT for my 2 partners to get their packages!! I had so much fun looking around and picking things out for them.

I bought them brands that I love, and actually found something for them that I bought myself, too!!

I'm gonna keep you waiting a few more days before I post pictures of what they are getting. I don't want them to stop by my blog and ruin the suprise!!

I set myself a limit on the swap of $25 each, but ended up spending about $40! (Not including shipping.) I am so so excited!!!!

On another note, I filmed AND uploaded 3, yes 3, video's last night!! I did a How-To on Just Prime! By: Jen, an initial review on, and my top 10, errr 11, NON make-up products that I can't live without!! (And I even said # 7 3 times!!)

Ya'll should go check them out! (Don't forget to rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!)

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