Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I know, I know!!

I have been quite the little slacker when it comes to blogging! With the puppies turning 3 weeks old, baseball, and work, I am lucky to get 4 hours of sleep at night.

I need to think about changing jobs. I like my job, but my boss is a dim-wit! For real!!

I have a list of 7 contest that I want to enter on youtube [] but haven't been able to do even 1!!

I sent a sample of Just Prime! B: Jen to a girl on youtube, and her inital reaction video sounds very promising! I really am looking forward to watching her review as soon as she puts it up! [Cross your fingers that she likes it, everyone!!]

Today I am wearing an orange and pink striped shirt, so I am wearing orange and pink eye shadows!! [You know I gotta match!!]

The only thing that doesn't match are my nails. They are hot pink cut with black. I did them Monday, and haven't really felt like re-doing them yet. They are HOT though!! Maybe I can get a good picture of them...
Pretty, huh? E.L.F in Fluoresent Pink and Art Deco in Black!


Kell said...

im wearing that same pink E.L.F. polish. we are so totally twins.

and i always always always have to match my shadow to my outfit. my boyfriend makes fun of me but it bothers me so bad if it doesnt!


Just Jen said...

The man knows that if he makes fun of me, I'll go out with stripper eyes! [I did one time to get back at him!]

I always wanted a twin!! So glad it's you!!

Liparazzi said...

I love the ELF nail polishes, they're great!Great blog, come swing by mine sometime x

AngeliStarr said...

LOL *THUMBS UP!* on the matching!!!

Pixie said...

Your nails are the coolest thing I've ever seen :P