Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you love your job? I don't!

Many of you knew this post was a long time coming!

Almost 3 years ago, my current boss 'found' me while I was waiting tables. He seemed so nice! He offered me a job in his insurance agency, paid for my books so I could get my license, and even paid for my test (4 times) and my gas to get the 1.5 hours it took to take the test!

He promised a raise once a year, a week paid vacation to start, and $10 commission for every policy I wrote! I was flying high!!

Things were great the first year. I was making $150 - $180 in commission a month on top of my $630 every 2 week pay check, working in a relaxed office, getting home before 5:30 every night, not stressed about my day at all.

On my 1 year anniversary, I got my raise. A whole quarter! Not to impressive, huh? I didn't really mind though. I was still loving my job!!

Year 2 started off very much like the first year. Then my boss started coming to work later and later. At first it was 9:30, then it was 10, then it was 12!! I know what you're thinking, "Your boss isn't there! What’s the problem??" In an insurance agency, certain agents handle certain accounts. Clients ONLY want to talk to THEIR agent! So when he wasn't here, clients wouldn't understand why. He would call them when he came in though, and everything seemed to be ok.

Then he stopped calling clients back. People started going to other agencies. We would lose money.

Year 2 I never got my raise. Commission checks were getting smaller and I was getting them later then normal. I was starting to stress. A lot. I started taking my stress over work home with me and getting angry.

In February of this year he decided to move our office. He's paying less rent now, but it's farther away from my house. In the afternoons, I have to drive 30 miles to pick up the kids and then another 20 to get home. He started telling me that I have to 'earn my keep' by writing 5 policies a week. He doesn't advertise, and the building that we are in was empty for 3 years before we moved in. No one knows we're here!! It's in a very small town with only 2 stop lights. It's impossible to write 5 policies a week when you don't have clients!!

Some of our regular clients felt that we were too far away and moved their policies. He never sent out post cards telling people we moved and have new phone and fax numbers. New e-mail addresses too!!

I'm pretty certain that I won't be getting a raise this year either.

I need to find another job. I don't like hating my job!!

Think about it. Where do you spend most of your day?

Don't you think you should at least like it a little bit?


Yankee Girl said...

Yes, at least you job a little. And if it's getting that bad, you may want to start looking for a job PRONTO.

Sorry it's not going so well and hopefully you can find something better!

Just Jen said...

Thank you! I agree I need to find something else.

I want to do something that I love to do. Something in photography, maybe.

AngeliStarr said...

I agree you NEED to start looking for a job. Its not okay to be miserable at the one place youre at everyday. Its sad that things that started off so good is coming to end so bad.

Although, Im telling you that you should find something new. Remember not to be hasty in your departure. It IS a recession darling, and times are way too hard to allow yourself to fall in a rut you cant get out of. Make sure that what you find(If youre lucky and hopefully you are!) is something secure and worth transferring over to. =)

LMJ said...

I'll tell you what kind of job I will never get: customer service or anything with customers.

I worked in retail, call center, hotel, and restaurant: HATE IT THEM!!! Mind you, I learned a lot of people skills, but will NOT do that again. If I go back to retail, it will be in the administrative area, or as a stocker.

LMJ said...

BTW, I agree with the PP's, it's time for a new job. The economy is tough right now, but it's tougher to continue working where you truly don't want to be. It will only make you miserable.