Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, I'm REALLY pissed! I joined a lip gloss swap, that my twin had, and vas very excited about it!

I shopped around for my partner after she told me what she liked, and finally decided what gloss to buy her.

I packed it up, wrote a little note, and shipped it priority mail with tracking because I didn't want her to wait for it. That was October 27th.

It arrived at her house 2 days later. I haven't heard a work from her since she got it.

I've been waiting on my gloss ever since. Kelli, my twin, sent her 2 e-mails about it, and she told her that "It has been taken care of". That was 2 weeks ago.

If it had been taken care of, I would have gotten it by now!

I know that quite a few of you have done some sort of swap before, and know that every once in a while you have someone who is just out to get free stuff and doesn't plan to send anything, so that's why I'm posting this.

ROSALY is her name!! 


Stephanie said...

Wow!! that really sucks. Im glad im not into these things. i wouldve been toooooo pissed. Probly went to her house and cut her already. (yup, thats the ny-er in me talking)

Stephanie said...

I just realized that it says my real name rather than angelistarr. thats weird...

knitwit said...

Oh, that is so brutal! So sorry to hear it. What a jerk!

LMJ said...

Oh wow...what a flake!

Rosaly said...

I am really sad that you have posted as I have sent lipglosses out to you I'm not sure why they havent arrived yet. But I did send Two lipglosses to you

Just Jen said...

@Steph, You so mean!!

@Knitwit, My thoughts too!

@LMJ, Oh wow sums it up pretty well!

@Rosaly, Did you happen to get tracking? Or have a recipt? It was 2 weeks ago that you told Kelli that you sent to me. Mail doesn't take two weeks!!