Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hey ya'll!!

I haven't had anything to really rant about before, but oh do I now!!!

Verizon Customer Service STINKS!

The Man just got off the phone with them for the 15th time this WEEK!

I guess I'll start at the beginning...

April '09 - We paid to upgrade from our LG Scoops to the BlackBerry Curve 8330. We were told that it would cost us NO MORE then $200. When our bill came, it was for $580.

September '09 - Both of our BlackBerries went out. We were not getting e-mails, no FaceBook status updates, TweetDeck would not connect, it took 10 minutes for a page to load on the mobile internet, the track ball wouldn't move and it sounded like we were talking under water.

We were sent NEW Blackberry 8330s'.

December '09 - Started having the exact same problems with both phones. After being told by Eric, who works for Verizon, that after our phones have been replaced 3 times we would be offered a compairable replacement, the supervisor on duty told The Man that he was pretty much out of luck. That wouldn't happen.

The Man asked for a manager to call him. 3 days later, no call.

After a dozen phone calls to Verizon, nothing had happened!

Monday, December 21st - The Man put in an order for 2 new BlackBerries. HIS came today. Mine did not. When he called about that today he was told that his order was put in on the 21st. MINE wasn't put in until the next day! [Another mess up on Verizon!]

Tonight, December 23rd - The Man called about the "Like - New Replacement" phone that he got today, and was told that it was the only thing they were allowed to send. [Keep in mind that in September we were sent NEW phones!] He was told to call Blackberry and they would approve the NEW phone to be sent to us. Blackberry told him that it was up to the CARRIER to send out new phones! [WHAT? Another LIE from Verizon?!?!?!]

Needless to say... The Man called AT&T tonight, and we are getting IPHONES in January!!!

Most people have a $500 deposit per line, and The Man has a $100 deposit per line!!

So guys, my RANT ends with a HAPPY HAPPY ME!!!

[Please send anyone you know who has had problems with Verizon my way!!]



AngeliStarr said...

ur the only person i kno ever to complain bout verizon! im glad ur upgrading to the iphone, i plan to get one within the next year and change. its dependent on whether or not att lets me get it without the 500 deposit. smh! friggin 500 deposit. if it wasnt for that, i wouldve had it already.

AngeliStarr said...

merry xmas btw!!

LMJ said...

uuurrghhh!! I hate dealing with stuff like this! It's like, why the hell don't they give what they promise?! Rat bastards! Are you loving your iPhone, though?