Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's new!?!

So much has been going on the past few weeks!

My FIL is doing AWESOME!
He's walking around by himself, and his
left eye is almost completly open!!

I finally dyed my hair!
It's blonder now, and I LOVE it!
I feel so much like ME with blonder hair!

I found out my 17 year old niece is pregnant.
I'm really pissed, but proud of her at the same time.
She didn't even THINK abortion, which is where the proud comes in...

I have tons to say about that, but it's a blog in it's self!!

I have found some really awesome blogs lately,
and as most of you know, I read almost everything, but only comment
if I REALLY have something to say.

If y'all want me to comment that I dropped by,
though, I will. Just let me know!!

I FINALLY found a mascara that I can't live without.
It is waterproof, doesn't flake,
and (thank GOD) doesn't make my eyes itch!!
(Again, a whole 'nother blog!)

The Man and I are getting along great, still.
I swear we never fight.

Is that strange?

OH! I am also FINALLY going to get divorced from my ex!!
We haven't even SEEN each other in almost 9 years,
and a mutual friend sent me a message on FB
telling me that he made a page, so I sent him
a message telling him to file!!


The weather here is getting warmer....

It's going to be 82 today!
I broke out the tank tops and shorts.

Add in my SUPER cute 2 for $5
flops from Old Navy

and my NEON PINK toes, I'm all set!!

Whats been going on with y'all?


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