Friday, March 19, 2010

Jen! Where have you been???

Hey y'all! I have missed you!
I know I haven't been around in, gosh, over a month, but I can explain!!
(Really I can!)

If you follow me on Twitter, which you SHOULD be,
 you already know this,
but for you anti-twitter peeps, I'll tell you now.

3 weeks ago, my FIL was in a serious accident at work.
He was in a cage attached to a fork lift
and was dumped 30 feet onto concrete.

The man called me at work at 9am (right after I walked in the door)
and said "I'm on the way to the hospital. It's bad. Leave work now!"
And hung up.

Needless to say, I FLIPPED.
I didn't know what was going on, if HE was hurt,
if Little Man was hurt
if Monkey was hurt.

I work about 45 minutes from the hospital
(well, if you go the speed limit)
and I made it there in 15.

I got to the hospital, and they made me sit in the waiting room
 for 15 minutes before they brought me back to where
The Man and his sister were waiting.

Nana, her brother, and The Man's brother
showed up about 10 minutes later.

45 minutes later, a doctor came out and said we
could see him. 2 at a time.

I went last since they are his blood family.

It was awful.

He was covered in blood,
and his left eye was buldging.

He went into surgery 20 minutes later.

9.5 hours later, he came out.

He broke his left pelvic bone in two places,
his left wrist,
had 3 fractures in his skull,
and completley shattered the left side of his face.

Hie eye orbit, the bones around your eye
were in, what the doctor said,
a million pieces.

One of those bones was pressing
against the back of
his eye, pushing it out.

They put 2 bars in and wrapped wire around his pelvic bone,
put a splint on his wrist,
(The swelling was too bad for a cast.)
Removed the bone pieces from his skull,
and rebuilt his face.

They had to cut his head from tragus to tragus.
(Ear to ear.)

He was in ICU for 3 days and them moved to the Orthopedic floor
for another 4 days.

They sent him home one week after the accident.

Now, 3 weeks in, he is walking with a walker, can shower by himself,
jokes with us, smiles, and praises God for saving his life.

His left eye, which he couldn't
open at all in the hospital,
is slowly opening more each day.

The doctors think he will make an almost
FULL recovery!

This man has been more of a father to me, in 5 years,
then my father has been to me my whole like.

So that, my blogging buddies, is where I have been.

To everyone who has been praying,
please don't stop.

It's going to be a long road ahead of us,
but I know he will be ok!!



Lluvia said...

oh my goodness!! I'm glad to hear he survived this, and that he's recuperating!

I follow you on twitter, but I just started playing with it for the past week.

Good to hear from ya!

Yesterday, after you twitted I was going to ask you, where you had been.

Shell said...

Thank God he's going to make a full recovery!

*uncorked said...

Wow - that is so scary. So happy he's going to recover. And you let me carry on about my dog's dental surgery?! need to link to your blog from your twitter page!

knitwit said...

Oh my gosh! I'm just catching up here, so I'm a little behind on checking in. Thank goodness your FIL is going to be okay. What a nightmare. I'm sending all my positive energy your way!