Monday, September 13, 2010

Too much on my plate.

The Bad News:

We found out on August 25th after 4 trips
to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack.

Me? 29 years old and having HEART issues?

The Man and I went through a REALLY
No, REALLY, rough patch
that almost caused us for splits ville.

I haven't seen Monkey since August 13th.
I started having the problems with my heart 2 days
before I was going to pick him up,
and now the doctor hasn't cleared me for driving that far yet.
[Neither has The Man, which I listen to better!]

Monkey's pet snake died last Thursday.
We don't know why, but we don't want to tell him.
Is it wrong to buy a new one and just let it go?

My bosses mother just called me.
[She has been like a mother to me for almost 4 years]
The doctor told her Friday that she has 6 months, or less, to live.
Her kidneys are failing.
Her veins are too weak for dialysis.

In good news:

Luckily, now, The Man and I have everything worked out.
We found the root of the problem and fixed it.
Now we are starting 'over'.
It's like it was when we first started dating again.

We're loving it!!
We are talking, e-mailing throughout the day,
texting, a little 'sexting'
[Don't Judge Me.]
and spending time together like never before.

I have started to read my Bible again.
I am going to start going to Wednesday night service.
[Sundays are too hectic with Little Man's sports.]
Thank you to Courtney over at
for your words of encouragement!

The good thing about the church is that they repeat
Sundays service on Wednesday nights.

Please continue to pray for Eden,
Please pray for me,
Pretty Please pray for my bosses mother.
[I'm not ready to let her go.]
Psalm 23.



Alissa said...

Sorry to hear about this rough patch. My heart goes out to you. I know you're a strong person and that you will make it through all this adversity.

As for the snake, I would strongly advise against a snake switcheroo, and just be honest about the whole thing. In the long run, it will be best.

Shell said...

Sending all of you lots of prayers!

Copyboy said...

Wow! Crazy news. Hope everything gets better soon on both fronts.

Crazy Brunette said...

TOTALLY buy a new snake!!!! Fuck telling him!!!

inneryogini said...

I was all ready to leave a super excited comment that you're finally back and making blog posts. (I missed you a ton and have no idea where you went!) But then I read this, and things aren't so good! I'm praying for you and sending lots of love! If you need to talk to me about anything or just need to vent to someone completely non-judgemental, feel free to e-mail me at any time.



Just Jen said...

Thanks everybody! I'm actually planning on vamping up the blog! ya know, posting more often and shit.

I think that I just let everything get so bottled up instead of getting it out.

I'm going to see a new heart doctor today, so hopefully some good will come out of it. [PRAY!!]

The Man and I [King and I flashback.] are still getting along great! I'm living proof that communication is one of the KEYS to a lasting relationship. Mark 11: 25 helped me in that.

To CB: I was planning on just buying another fuckin snake. Actually we decided last night to. No one other then The Man and I know, and he will never know either!

To Kayla: I missed you too! We need to keep in touch other then just on here. I'll email you my txt number, different then my phone number thanks to the iPhone App TextFree!!