Friday, October 8, 2010

Calling All Photographers! I Need Your Help!

You know the wedding that I shot on the 25th? Well, I brought the Bride the cd of 115 shots that I took yesterday. [After constant emails and text messages from her on when she was going to get it.]

I wake up this morning and sign onto FaceBook to see if she posted any of them. I can't find her page. She deleted me.

We have a mutual friend, well, a few, but one that I talk to regularly, so I send her a message asking if the Bride had posted any pictures last night or this morning. She had. Mutual friend sends me screen shots, and Bride has edited some of the pictures I gave her.

Bride signed a contract stating that she would NOT edit any of them. I sent Bride a message asking first why she deleted me, and second why she edited the pictures. She has not responded. What can I / should I do?

Her is one I took. [From the cd I gave her, I made me a copy of the cd, also.]

And here is the screen shot of the edit. [From Brides FaceBook page.]



Life with Kaishon said...

Oh. My. GOSH! What a brat! I had a terrible wedding experience this year too. The bride was such a nightmare. I hated it so much I swore I would never do another wedding. I think brides want to get pictures like Jasmine Star takes but they want to pay NOTHING! And how sweet was it of you to give a CD. I don't give anyone a CD anymore. I upload my pictures somewhere and they can go and order if they want. CD's are too much work and we are basically giving away our work :)

I would say get one of your friends that is a lawyer to send her a letter and get her to cease and desist any further use of these images. What a punk!

Shell said...

Wow. Brat is right! Did she sign a contract stating she couldn't change?

How obnoxious that she deleted you so that you couldn't see.