Friday, October 8, 2010

Dearest FTC ~ An Open Letter.

This is what I ate for dinner.

That is Peanut Butter, Marshmello Fluff, and Nutella. On White Wheat Bread. I call it the 1800 calorie sandwitch. It was fucking awesome!! BTW, no one sent me anything, nor paid me to post this. Some people really DO post things because that is how they truely feel. Thanks for your time!!! ~ Jenn =~}


Crazy Brunette said...

I ate chewy Sprees...

I read your last post, I would be livid bitch... Did she pay for any of them?

Just Jen said...

NO. I did them for free after she sent me a message saying she might cancel the wedding because her mom cut her budget. Now she is saying I'm an awful photographer. Yet she loved the pictures I posted on facebook before I gave her the cd. I am really pissed. I'll have to post a blog on the messages she has sent me.