Monday, October 18, 2010

I Don't Work For The Post Office.... [Monday Madness]

I was thinking. Yes, that is what that smell was. When you don't use your brain much, and then use it, it's kinda like turning your heat on for the first time in the year. Smells like electrical wires burning!

Any Who.......

I want to start blogging more, but can't really keep up on all of the Memes going around, so I'm going to start my own! BIG SMILE!

Welcome to my first post on Monday Madness!

1. CB, You will be missed by so many people! It saddens my heart to know that I won't be able to look forward to your incredible posts every day. Your shot glass, rocks glass, and bar stool will remain empty until you decide to return!

2. I don't work for the post office. If the mailman isn't doing HIS job right, don't try to yell at me about it.

3. I will no longer answer calls from Boss Man before 9am or after 5pm. Unless I call in sick. I'm at the office from 9-5, and it's not my issue if he doesn't come in until 11am and leaves at 3pm.

4. I have some training class to go to on Wednesday and Thursday. I have to be there an HOUR before I normally have to be at work. PLUS, it is an extra 15 minutes of drive time. Only up side is that I will get ALL of my CE credits!

5. If you have a computer at your desk, with the same information that I have on mine, why do you bring me things to look up? Are you trying to get in a certain number of steps a day?

And I leave you with a picture from the shoot that I did with 2 month old Autumn on Saturday. Before edit and after.



Crazy Brunette said...

Damn right it will bitch!!!!

(But you know... thanks for saying it! Especially since the Queen bitch is shoving my ass out the door faster than I can say,

"What the Fuuu-"

Just Jen said...

kkkkkk!!!" I'll finish for you!!

What will happen to BSF?

AngeliStarr said...

very cute pic!!! I didnt know you were doing photography