Friday, November 26, 2010

BSF and Fuck You Friday

Alright fuckers.
 Most of you followed the fucking rules last week,
but we have to get our numbers back up!

CB would not be happy if she knew
how few of you were still playing her game.
This week, bring a friend!
There will be a kick ass prize for you if you do!!

Blog Stalk Friday

SlutCode - Mouth Full

Now to play with Boobies
at Fuck You Friday!
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FUCK YOU - Piece of shit ex. You make me sick everytime I hear your voice.

FUCK YOU - Car. Still. I don't have $1800. The chain needs to slip back on!

FUCK YOU - Job. I'm telling ya, come the first of the year, I'm looking to change.





EnVii said...

LOL... i feel the same way bout the ex.. makes me want to vomit

Anonymous said...

I totally get the car thing. Ours needs a couple thousand worth of work too.

Anonymous said...

I hate I missed out on BSF this week because of the holiday!

I gave you an award over at my place today if you wanna come grab it!

Crazy Brunette said...

The fuck??? 2?

Shit, this just won't do!

(Uuuum, I guess I never re-did the button... Well fuck me.)

Just Jen said...

It's ok, CB. The Dame made me one!!