Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Captivus Living Photo Challenge ~ Clone Stamp

On a shoot that I did last month,
the client loved a picture of her son,
but thought that the leaves were distracting.
So, I removed them using the clone stamp.

Before                                                                               After  

So, what do you think?



Anonymous said...

I disagree with her; I think the leaves added essence of season and life. The other shot seems to be missing something and kind of plain.

I guess it just depends on the person…. But I do like your first shot much better.

Anonymous said...

I dig the first image, great use of the clone tool though.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Awesome detail. Couldn't even tell you used the clone tool.

evil p0ptart said...

looks way better with the leaves... the client is a tard. LOL