Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank God It's Almost Friday!!

Yesterday, I posted a few choice words to
 the bitch who tried to get my son taken away.
Today, I'm going to tell you how it cost me
a friend for almost 2 years.

Bev was my best friend.
We met when The Man's best friend started dating her.
We clicked instantly.
The bitch, we'll call her Butt, was Bev's friend.
When Butt sent the letter to my ex, she convinced me
that Bev was actually the one who sent it.

I was livid.
I cut Bev out of my life.
She tried to tell me that it wasn't her, but I didn't believe it.
We didn't talk for 2 years.

Thanksgiving Day, this year, it snapped in my head.
I knew Butt had sent the letter.
I grabbed my phone and found Bev on facebook.
I sent her a message begging her to forgive me.
She told me that there was noting to forgive.
She knew that one day I would realize who had sent the letter.
She was just glad that it didn't take longer!

I missed the birth of her daughter.
I missed the first 2 years of her life.
I missed my best friend.
But now I have her back.
We talked on the phone for almost 2 hours last night.
The Man and I are going to her and her husbands house Saturday.
[The Man's best friend is now her husband.]

I'm so glad that I have her back in my life,
and will never let her go again.



Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so glad that you got back together.

K∂riиє* Smith. said...

Hi there, follow you from the almost friday blog hop,
hope you get chance to check out my blog and follow me back :)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that things are resolved and you're going to visit soon! I'm happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy you have your bestie back! amazing the length people will go to destroy other people relationships. You missed too much, now enjoy everything from here on out :)

Ive noticed true friends no matter the distance, or time between always pick up where they left off, those are the type of people to never let go.

thanks for sharing!
have a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

I'm glad to hear that it ended up working out. Reading this makes me want to call my best friend!
All the best,

The Queen said...

I'm so damn lost... I get the jest of it between here and there... but... butt isn't bev right??? butt is butt but where does butt fit into the picture? is butt your ex's girlfriend?.. and bev is bev... butt is the bitch.. and bev is the long lost friend.. right.but is bev the girlfriend of Man's best friend? or is butt the butt of all this??? to many b's.. bitches.. butts and Bevs...

I need a drink...