Monday, January 31, 2011

Angel Song ~ Book Reiew

Ann Fletcher is on a trip to Charleston, from New York, to see her sister, Sarah, get her degree. This is her first trip since her grandmother's passing, several years ago. Shortly after she gets there, Sarah and Ann are in an accident, when a drunk driver runs a light, and strikes Sarah's car. Ann is only shaken up and bruised, but Sarah is badly injured, and Ann jumps in the ambulance with her, to ride to the hospital. Sarah starts humming a  melody, and shortly after arriving at the hospital, Ann is told that Sarah had died.

Sarah's friends, Tammy, and Keith, help Ann through the funeral, and taking care of the necessary business associated with Sarah's death. After the funeral, she decides to put the house on the market, and go back to NYC and pick up her life, never to return to Charleston, but she keeps getting drawn back. And Keith, who has Downs Syndrome, keeps sending her drawings that he tells her are the angels he sees near her, to help her.

Ethan, Tammy's cousin, falls in love with Ann and gives her even more to consider.

I received this book from Booksneeze, for free, in order to review and give my honest opinion on.


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The Queen said...

I'll be buying that book.. sounds great..