Monday, January 31, 2011

We Finally Caved.

Little Man is 10.
Monkey is 8.

What do a 10 year old and an 8 year old need more then anything?

Cell phones.

OK, OK. Not really, but after months of not
being able to talk to them when they are at the Others houses,
[The Others = their other parents.]
we caved.

Little Mans' is blue.
Monkeys' is red.
Their favorite colors!

They can not text.
They have no data plan.
Internet is disabled.

All it is is a PHONE!

Tell me, do you think we are crazy?



EnVii said...

I dont think your crazy. if this is the only way you can talk to them then they need them.. its only a phone as you said so no harm no foul

The Queen said...

They are your kids.. who are we to tell you what to buy them.. or give them... if you are good with it... then.. that's all that matters. I would have a rule attached.. IF I CALL YOU AND YOU DON'T PICK UP ON THE THIRD RING.. I'M TAKING IT AWAY! because frankly.. I think they are great for keeping track of your kids in this day and age of evil out there..