Friday, March 18, 2011

Bnaughty Unleashed Review

This little guy looks amazing, right?

When we took it out of the box,
we were shocked at how smooth it was.

Insert batteries, check!
Turn it on, check!
It wasn't working!!

I called the number on the box,
and they told me I must have gotten
a damaged one.

Then he said something even better.
"Just fill out the form at this address,
and we will OVERNIGHT you a new one!"

The next day, lo and Bnaughty,
there was a box on my porch.
This one worked!!

3 speeds and 7 vibrations never felt so good!

I wore this to the grocery store.
I wore this to the liquor store,
[and almost dropped the fucking bottle]
I wore this to the movies.

Bnaughty is so quiet,
I even wore this to dinner at The Man's MOMS house!

The battery life isn't very awesome,
but it is worthputting new batteries in.


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Did you give him control of the remote?