Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lelo Flickering Touch Candle ~ Review

I love Lelo.
Everyone knows I do.

Just last month, I gave away a Lelo Candle that I love.

I fell in love with the  Lelo Flickering Touch Candle
awhile ago.

The candle is formed in a sexy black glass holder.
The lid is also black and the colored loop
depends on the scent that you get.

Oh. My.God.
The smell, without it being lit was great.
When I lit it, it burned smooth.
I poured some in my hand.
The texture of this was amazing!

I had The Man lay on his stomach.
I rubbed my hands together.
I put the wax oil to his back in a smooth stroke.

His moan made me know how much he liked it.

We have used the Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle
SEVEN times and are still not at 1/2 the holder.

At $29.00 for a 5 oz jar, I plan to own one of each scent!


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