Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In 54 Weeks

I'll be going under the knife.
No, I'm not getting my boobs done.

I will be having anastomosis surgery.

When Monkey was born, I had cervical cancer.
My idiot doctor told me that they had to tie my tubes.

I was 21 and didn't know any better.

The Man and I have been talking about wanting a baby for a few years,
but he had always said if he didn't have another by the time he was 30, he wasn't having one.
[He is 34 now.]

Now, he has changed his mind! [To shut me up, I think.]

We both want a girl, and have started researching how to try and conceive a girl.

Her middle name will be Grace. [The Man doesn't have a choice there.]

Have any of you had your tubes untied?
Did any of you follow a method to pick the sex of your baby?



~Shari said...

I have often considered having my tubes untied. I never did follow threw with it.

I also had my tubes tied at 21, my choice I was 21 and had 3 kids. My doctor did not want to do it so he did it - but he told me he was going to tied them so that if I wanted them untied it would be the easiest to reverse the tie. So - he put bold clamps in. I asked to cut, burned and tied but.. he wouldn't do it.

Do you know what they did to you ie: clamp, burn or tie?

Lady Estrogen said...

Wow. That's intense!
Don't know anyone personally that's had that reversed - but yes, I've heard that the un-clamping is very straight forward ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope it goes well.

this is the new blog:
(formerly kissing slut/I am Panda)