Monday, April 18, 2011

What's In My Purse.

A reader sent me a message asking why I never did any of the tags,
so here is a good one for you!

First, this is my purse.

Suitcase like, huh!?!

First, I'll spread everything out
and then we will go through it.

That is everything that was in my purse.

A wallet that I never use. The only thing in it is old business cards.

Random pill bottles.

A bullet and a clip.
I have no clue about the bullet.

Keys to my old car.
Funny, but my new car keys weren't in there when I dumped it.

A team beanie. You know, since it's like 80 degrees outside!

My check book.

The thingie that hooks into the GPS.
Again, I have no idea.

A streached out headband.

Random pens!!

My Just Jenn Photography business card holder.
The pink pen up there matches it!

A girl has to smell good!!
I keep thin in there because of all day baseball tournaments.

A hair brush.

Nail polish, chap stick, a feather extention and a cough drop.
The cough drop is warm apple pie.
They are amazing.

An eye patch and eye drugs from my eye infection.

The first of 3 bags in my purse.
My friend brought it back from Spain for me.
It says "Worship me like the princess I am."

It holds tampons, nail files, my ring id card,
spare belly rings, [even though I took my ring out]
A mini Paris Hilton purfume [my FAVORITE!]
A vanilla oil purfume,
a bunch of change [that should be in another bag]
and coupons from Little Man!

My nasty pink bag.

All my cards!
[These are now in the bag below, and that stuff is in this bag.]

I love this bag!
I got it in a swap, I think.

It used to hold all of my lip stuff.
[Do you think I have enough?]

My iPhone charger and a USB cord.

All the paper / junk / trash

My daily devotional, colored pencils [for highlighting] and my notebook.
My notebook is full, so I'm buying a new one today!

Two pairs of sunglasses and one case.

3 empty cigarette packs.

Body butter, 2 anti-bacterial hand gels and  vitamin C spray.

A baseball.
Who doesn't have a baseball in their purse??

And lastly, Rebecca.
I love Rebecca!

What is in your purse?
When was the last time you dumped it out and gave it a cleaning?
Comment, people!

If you don't, a fairy dies.
Do you want to be a fairy killer?



Lady Estrogen said...

That is awesome.
You're Mary fuckin' Poppins, you are. LOL

Just Jen said...

That I am!

Ange said...

Mine would be boring. It currently has my drivers license, military ID, credit/debit card, Jason's credit card, my sally's card, travel lysol, hand sanitizer, and some aquafore.

Oh... and this is all in a wrist bag.

Ami said...

Jen! This is so hilarious! I find it odd how many similar things we found in our purses! Seriously? we both carry USB cords? Hilarious! :) Thanks for sending your link to me!!