Monday, November 14, 2011

I Like Things That Go VROOM! ~ EdenFantasys Review

I love the fact that you get a free gift with every order at EdenFantasys.

In my last order, I chose this shirt.


This 100% cotton, pre-shrunk tee shirt is sure to make you smile.
I plan to wash mine in cold water on hand wash and lay flat to dry,

I love the way it fits. [I got a medium.]
I love the looks it gets when you wear it in public.
Make sure you carry some affiliate cards with you when you wear this shirt.
I passed out 20 in one day!

I do wish that they made this for men as well, because The Man would love to have one.

I think that everyone who is in the Eden Community should be proud to wear this shirt!

1 comment:

EnVii said...

i got the tote bag in the order i just placed!!! Love free stuff!! next time ill get the shirt!!