Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Naughty People Thong ~ EdenFantasys

I love being part of the EdenFantasys community.

Where else can you earn points and gift cards for amazing things?

Saturday, I received my review item and a few other things from Eden.
I cashed in some points and cards and got some new panties!
Here is one of the pairs I got.

The Naughty People Thong.
Made of cotton, the NPT feels amazing.
At only $12.99, you can afford this comfort!

It doesn't shift or rub while you are wearing it,
and it is very easily removed.
[Tee Hee Hee]

In the near future, I plan to get The Naughty People Chemise.
It's only $24.99, and really, how cute is that?

If I would have seen it before, I would have ordered it in my last order.
I kinda suck at my planning of orders, huh?

I am always amazed at what all I can get from EdenFantasys.
From Sex Toys to Lip Gloss, you can really get it all there.

This post brought to you by EdenFantasys, an online sex toys retailer
I will receive a gift card for this post. I received at least one item in this post as a result of cashing in a gift card. All thoughts are mine and mine alone.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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