Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Reason I ♥ Eden

If love is blind, why do they make lingerie?
Good question, huh?
Lingerie makes a woman feel good.
It makes her feel sexy in a way not possible with normal clothes.
Men like it because it leaves a little something to imagine.
Plus, they get to remove it!
Today, I was on EdenFantasys looking for a new Valentines outfit,
and saw something amazing!
Finally, finally and finally!
A lingerie site that actually has plus sized models!
Check these out.
Same outfit, different color.

Don't they both look amazing?
either red, black or white.
It is listed as 'One Size Fits Most' and after seeing the pictures,
I actually believe it!
Too many times people buy One Size outfits
only to find they don't fit in it right.
Eden just keeps on and on amazing me!
Oh! By the way, in case you were wondering,
I decided to get the Rhinestone Detail Corseted Long Gown.
  Isn't it beautiful?
I bet The Man is going to drool on himself when he sees me in this!

EdenFantasys is the best place to get sex toys and lingerie! 
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