Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kissaholic aphrodisiac infused plumping lip gloss ~ Eden Review

Have you heard the great news?
EdenFantasys now carries beauty products!

How awesome is that?

I have the pleasure of reviewing a 
I chose to review Passion Fruit, 
but you can choose from 6 flavors and colors.

When I opened it, the smell hit me.
It smells really strong in the tube.
It's not that strong when you apply it.

The color in the tube is also a little intimidating.
Rest assured that it is no where near as bright on.

The ingredients list is huge.
Really huge.
Make sure you check it for allergies.
It does contain Shea Butter, so if you are allergic to latex, be warned.

It is, however, Paraben-Free.

The Man and I did not notice any aphrodisiac effects from the gloss.

After using the lip gloss for a few weeks,
I have noticed a great improvement in my lip texture.
The gloss has really made my lips soft!

I adore that my hair doesn't get stuck in the gloss.
Any gloss that has that attribute is a winner in my book.

The lip plumping quality of this gloss is much better then most.
I love that it doesn't tingle, but produces a difference in lip volume.

I would recommend this gloss to every girl,
and for only $15.99, anyone can afford it!

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I received at least one product mentioned in this post for free.
All thoughts, however, are mine and mine alone.

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