Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My New Scent!

I just love when I find something that I love,
and I have found my new scent over at EdenFantasys!

I swear, people, I wear this every single day!
It is truly an amazing scent & it lasts forever!
[I can still smell it on my wrists, and that's from yesterday!]

This smells of light gingerbread, vanilla, and baby powder.
May sound kinda strange, but it is so addicting!
[Even The Man loves this scent on me.]

Indulge eau de parfum

 Even the bottle is pretty, huh?

When I got my recent order,
this bottle was the thing I was most excited for.
When I opened my box, I was disappointed to find my bottle was broken.

This was the first time I ever had a problem!
What do I do?!?!

I called Eden, and they replaced my bottle.
[They even asked if it messed anything in the box up!]
I got my new bottle two days later.
Talk about awesome customer service!

I may say this a lot, but Eden really is the place for one stop shopping!
Clothes, perfume, and sex toys!

Run on over to EdenFantasys and order some Indulge today!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store 

[I will receive a gift card for this post. All thought are mine!]


*LLUVIA* said...

Nice! I need to try it! I just ordered a--AHEM!--certain toy from there, but I didn't notice they had scents stuff! :-)

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