Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY: Ballet Barre out of PVC

Hey guys! Long time no blog!!! 
Did you miss me?!?
I missed you!!

I have a great DIY for you today. Maybe my FIRST DIY?!?
What?!? Yup! I have turned into one of *those* ladies!!!
I make my own shit! (The Man helps! 😉)

So..... On to it!

The Ballet Barre!

I drew my plans and went to Lowes. Here's what I bought:

6 - 90 degree Elbow Joints
4 - T Joints
25 Feet of 1/4" Schedule 40 PVC (I got 5 5' poles)

Total price = $38 even

When we got home, The Man cut 6 12" pieces. 4 will be the feet and 2 will be the top supports. Starting with a elbow, go elbow, with a flat part touching the floor, 12" rod, T Joint, with the T facing up, 12" rod, elbow, with a flat touching the floor. 

There! You just made the left foot!!! 

Now do the same thing again. 2 feet!!! 

Now, here is where I messed up. I had The Man cut 2 30" rods, which would be the bottom 2 supports. Now, that would have worked if I was an Amazon, but being 5'5..... It did not. The top bar was at my chin, swear. 

They ended up being 19". 

Basic rule is the top bar should be at your waist. 

When you have the bottom 2 support rods cut correct, fit them in the feet T Joints and the add another T Joint on the tops. 

Fit your 12" pieces in and cap with elbows facing toward each other. 
Use the last 2 5 foot rods to connect the T Joints and elbows and your finished!! 

Way to go!!! You just built a Ballet Barre out of PVC all by yourself!!!
(Or with your mans help! Whatever!!)


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this is awesome!!!